What is the difference between off-the-rack and Clothing from Capital Custom Clothiers?

Off-the-rack clothing is mass produced in standard sizes, usually resulting in a mediocre finish and fit. Each CCC garment is individually cut and sewn by hand in single needle stitching by one of our master tailors. Tailored to your exact measurements and specifications, you will receive nothing less than the perfection.

What if I do not feel comfortable taking my own measurements? Do I have other options?

If you do not feel comfortable taking your own measurements, you have the option of mailing us one of your best-fitting shirts and/or suits. Our Master Tailor will take the necessary measurements and we will return your shirt and/or suit along with your order. Alternatively, if you are located in the Maryland area, you can visit our showroom or schedule a consultation with one of our style consultants by contacting us.

Will my measurements be filed for future orders?

Yes. Your measurements are kept on file for future orders.

What guarantee does CCC offer?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. On your first order, regardless of the number of shirts and/or suits your create, CCC will only produce one shirt and/or suit and send it to you for your approval before proceeding with the remainder of your order. Should any alterations be necessary, we will make them for your complete satisfaction.

Besides the pattern, what is the difference between the fabrics?

Fabrics come in both 1-ply and 2-ply. 1-ply fabrics are woven using individual threads, whereas each thread used to weave 2-ply fabrics is made up of two individual threads twisted tightly together. This results in a smoother and silkier finish.

How often do you update your fabric collection?

We have two collections of fabrics each year and they are updated, one in the Spring and the other in the Fall.

Can I order suits online?

To make the most perfect suit possible, takes more than just the right measurements. There are fine points that come along with custom clothing and we want you to have that experience during our free consultation. In addition, there are many other details which are also best captured during a consultation with one of our style consultants. However, repeat clients do have the flexibility to order on-line as they have had their initial consultation and are satisfied that their.

What are the prices of your suits and shirts?

Custom shirt prices begin at $150 Custom suit prices begin at $950

Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order.

Can I speak to someone before ordering?

Absolutely, you can either e-mail us at info@capitalcustomclothiers.com or call (410)268-3090.

Where is CCC clothing made?

Most of the CCC clothing is made in our own workshop in Thailand by our team of master tailors. The items are then shipped to our office in Maryland.

What if the clothing items I order do not fit?

Our goal at CCC is to provide you with perfect fitting custom clothing. Our Quality Assurance Team is dedicated to ensuring that the measurements and style of each piece of clothing is verified against the original order form before being shipped to you. If the clothing you receive does not fit, please contact us and we will provide you with necessary instructions to facilitate the return of the item(s). We will make the necessary alterations and mail the shirt(s) back to you at no additional charge.

How is my order shipped?

CCC orders are shipped via USPS ground to include Delivery Confirmation, which allows you to track your order.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Shirts 3-5 weeks , Suits 4-6 weeks , If you need your order sooner than the normal delivery time, Rush Delivery is available upon request at an additional cost.

Where does CCC travel to?

CCC Clothiers services the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas year-round. If you are located outside of these areas and have a group of individuals who are interested in tailoring shirts or suits, we can schedule a private consultation with your group.

How does CCC handle a clients privacy?

Capital Custom Clothiers values the privacy of its customers and will not share any information with other organizations.

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