We carry traditional tuxedo and suit rentals as our entry level formal wear for weddings and special occasions such as Proms starting as low as $125. Whether you need a tuxedo (or even just parts of a tuxedo) for Prom, Homecoming or Winter Formal, we've got you covered! Our knowledgeable staff are ready to help you with whatever you need. We carry the latest fashion trends, and have hundreds of accessory options so you can match your dates dress. Please contact us for our most current student specials. We look forward to working with you but in the mean time please take a look at the Sarno eCATALOG or the JFW BUILD A TUX


The Capital Custom Clothiers for hire custom tuxedo and suit are what we recommend for the groom that wants to look sharp and feel extremely good about himself when standing before his bride.

WHAT IS THE ANNAPOLITAN TUXEDO? Capital Custom Clothiers brings Annapolis and surrounding areas the Annapolitan Line of rental tuxedos. This offering brings a new way for the groom and his groomsmen to rent a tuxedo or suit. We use our years of experience in catering to wedding parties to bring a memorable experience and a custom fit. The average cost of our custom suits and tuxedos is $1500 but you can borrow the experience for much less.

HOW DO I ENJOY THE CAPITAL TUXEDO EXPERIENCE? Hiring from us is enjoyable, convenient and fun…

1. Visit our shop where your consultation is started with a cocktail or cold/hot beverage. That is the only way to start the process for you special occasion.

2. Select the custom details that are important to both the groom and bride and the overall wedding coordination of colors, style and theme.

3. Measurements are taken to create the type of pattern that is appropriate for your body type and the style you’re looking for on your special day.

4. Your tuxedo or suit will be ready to try on in approximately 6 weeks. Once given the stamp of approval and you are ready for your wedding day, the tuxedo is stored until 1 week before your special day.

5. The tuxedo can be picked up at our shop or we would be happy to have it shipped directly to your door step if that is more convenient.

6. The next business day after your event, you can return the tuxedo to our shop or place the pre-paid shipping label on the box your order came in and send it back to us.

HOW FAR IN ADVANCE SHOULD I SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT? We recommend getting the process started 4-6 months prior to the date of your event.

HOW DO I RETURN MY TUXEDO? We prefer that you return the items to our shop which gives us an opportunity to hear the details about your special event. If it is more convenient, we can have a pre-paid return shipping label and box available during pick up. To return your garments and accessories, put all items in the original shipping box or the box provided when you picked up your items, place the return shipping label over the old shipping label and deliver the box to any U.S. Postal Service facility or schedule a pick-up, if needed.

If you do not wish to travel with your provided box, feel free to return in a box of your choosing or combine your return in another customer’s Capital Tuxedo box when possible.

If you misplace your pre-paid return label please contact our customer care team for a new label to be sent via email.

Our rental policy requires that your order be returned the next business day after your event. Otherwise, late fees may apply. If for some reason you cannot return your items in one business day due to travel or other circumstances, please contact our customer care team and we will be happy to work with you.


As the old saying goes, “A man never knows how unimportant he is until he goes to his own wedding”…Boy have the times changed!

At one point it was ALL about the bride… well actually it still is but today, many men are more interested in making the wedding a shared experience, a day for the bride and groom to celebrate—and be celebrated—together.

You are not alone, it’s just natural for brides to stress about the groom’s responsibilities on their wedding day and we know why. We have seen or heard it all, from the groom who forgot his shoes to the groom who forgot his tuxedo!

So what if you had someone else to worry about all of that for him (and you)? From preparation and consultation, to advice and on-going support, we work with your wedding party to ensure perfection. With fresh interpretations and meticulous attention to detail, we outfit your groom and groomsmen from head to toe, accessories and the final touches, fitting of your love and devotion. If the devil is in the details; the brilliance is in the Capital Custom touch!

The groom’s day doesn’t start at the “altar”; it starts the same time as the bridal preparations begin and we love to prepare the groom for his special day in the same vein. Why not ensure the groom is preparing along with his groomsmen in the same way as the bride and her bridesmaids?

Leave us with the responsibility of paying attention to the many fine details that go into creating and capturing your special day. Whether the groom’s wedding day attire is selected from our custom line of wedding tuxedos or suits (Annapolitan for Hire Collection) or our traditional rental tuxedos, you want your groom and his groomsmen to look spectacular!

As recently as ten years ago, it was quite unheard of that the groom would be celebrating his special day in the same luxurious fashion as the bride and her bridesmaids. More and more men are getting in on the action from start to finish. We like for the groom to create wonderful memories with his friends during this time and to know that this is all a very special part of the wedding process. It is the build up to the biggest day of his life and documenting is critical so that the bride will be able to appreciate HIS experience after she says “I Do”. Now, that is important! .

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