There is nothing quite like the experience of wearing a suit created especially for you. One that has been carefully crafted for hours where each detail is perfected so as to achieve an impeccable one of a kind garment ~This is who we are! We offer custom tailored suits, tuxedos, shirts and outerwear always taking the client’s personality and lifestyle into consideration.

Whether you are a businessman who often attends crucial meetings or just always like to make a good appearance, suits by Capital Custom Clothiers will help you look (and feel) your best, whatever the occasion. Custom designed and tailored, they will unmistakably show that you care enough to want to make a fine impression. Careful styling can display your personality and build self-confidence, and Capital is your ideal partner to create clothes that express your authentic you!

Our clothing is not merely “customized” – using a basic template adapted for different buyers. It is truly “bespoke”: That is, every aspect from the basic style, cut, fabric, stitching, detailing, etc., is individually selected, then tailored, for each client. Our designers have extensive experience and a passion for presentation to help you define what you want your suits to ‘say’ about you, and curate the appropriate fabrics and details.

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