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The Groom's Place

The groom’s day doesn’t start at the “altar” or when the officiant arrives; it starts the same time as the bridal preparations begin and we love to prepare the groom for his special day in the same vein. Men are in on the action from start to finish. Fresh interpretations and meticulous attention to detail, we outfit your groom and groomsmen from head to toe, accessories and the final touches, fitting of your love and devotion. If the devil is in the details; the brilliance is in the Capital Custom touch!



Storing Your Garments

Transitioning your wardrobe items from season to season can sometime be challenging. Storing those items and protecting them does not have to be overwhelming with a little planning. Placing Sweaters into plastic bins; out-of-season shoes can be moved to the back of the closet; and last season?s outerwear can be placed into garment bags and hung in an unused closet. This makes room in your main wardrobe area, but it also helps protect those items being stored until next season. The key to protecting your wardrobe investment is to ensure they are cleaned prior to storage. The reason we use plastic bins and garment bags, is to protect our wools and cashmeres from moths of storage and those pesky moths. However, it?s not actually moths that eat our clothes; it?s their larvae. An adult moth can lay up to 200 eggs per cycle, and have a few cycles in their short lifespan. These eggs become embedded into the fibers of your clothes. If clothes are stored away with eggs in them, you might find them six months later with holes. So in order to ensure your clothes come back to life the way your stored them, here are a few tips: Dry clean anything that?s made with animal hair (wool, cashmere, camelhair, angora, etc). Wash any cottons or synthetic materials. Vacuum floor and shelves to remove any eggs and larvae that might be living in your closet. Pay particular attention to corners and crevices where things might be hiding. Taking the time to protect your wardrobe is time well spent to avoid the nightmare of finding holes in your most beloved garments next season. We have you covered if you happen to find those unwanted moth holes. We offer a reweaving service that can at times save the day!

Learn more about reweaving HERE. While, we welcome walk-ins, we encourage scheduled appointments so we can provide you with our undivided attention.


Online Cleaning Resources To Keep Your Investment Looking Great

Keeping your wardrobe looking its absolute best can be tricky, especially luxury items from Capital that you have fallen in love with! Rave FabriCare, an extraordinary dry cleaner and fabric care Specialist, has an entire online library answering every cleaning question imaginable. Consider their library when you have questions regarding your wardrobe cleaning needs. Their online library has two sections. The position papers are short answers to various questions; the white papers are lengthy, in-depth discussions on various topics. You will find their position on what is considered a good job higher than most, it is good to know what is considered best practice before deciding what to do. Add them to your wardrobe library as a quick reference.