Capital fits more custom suits in Maryland because we can do custom clothing at a multitude of price points. Whether you’re just launching your career, outfitting your wedding party in tuxedo rentals or ready for a one of a kind custom suit, Capital can fit your budget with clothing designed just for you. On your first visit, the experience begins with an in-depth consultation that allows for a free and unrestricted conversation that’s as unique as each customer’s specific tastes and needs.


The intimate wardrobe discussion with each client allows us to identify a basic style and cut of garment that best fits their taste and body shape. We then take approximately 30 measurements and capture your figuration by taking digital images that will assist us in developing your pattern based on the clients movements, posture and styling preferences.

The last step is to design your garment, based on the material you’ve selected, and what we’ve learned about your body during the measuring process. We will always provide our best professional advice based on how you plan to wear your custom garment. We have been in the custom clothing business for over 25 years and we pride ourselves on time tested measuring techniques that allow us to get the right fit the first time. Our garments are hand cut and hand stitched by our team of master tailors whose skill and expertise is second to none. We incorporate the treasured luxury aspects of traditional quality tailoring without breaking the bank by designing garments that bring style, substance and comfort. There is nothing quite like the experience of wearing a suit created especially for you. One that has been carefully crafted for hours where each detail is perfected so as to achieve an impeccable one of a kind garment! We offer custom tailored suits, tuxedos, shirts and outerwear always taking the client’s personality and lifestyle into consideration.


At Capital Custom Clothiers our process allows each client to personalize their garment. Once fit and fabrics have been chosen, there is a multitude of other elements to consider, from a wide variety of buttons to belt loops and extra pockets. Each custom suit is unique and, as a mark of this, comes with each client's name embroidered inside the suit.

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