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There is nothing quite like the experience of wearing a suit created especially for you. One that has been carefully crafted for hours where each detail is perfected so as to achieve an impeccable one of a kind garment This is who we are! We offer custom-tailored suits, shirts, and outerwear always taking the client’s personality and lifestyle into consideration. We understand the daily demands placed on work suits, with heavy wear and traveling playing a major factor in selecting the right fabric. On hand to advise on the wide range of fabrics available, in breathable, anti-crease, lightweight, and mid-weight options, we’ll ensure you look your best whatever work-day challenges that may come your way.

Allow us to assist you in building your business attire wardrobe. We work with many business professionals in creating the right look tailored for their particular day to day business activities. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer recommendations throughout the entire process that reduces stress. We offer suits and shirts as well as those important accessories that put on the finishing touches...we want to ensure that our clients are always setting the tone when walking in the room in engaging a client by making the first impression the right impression before a word is spoken!

A well-made business suit is an essential part of every working man’s wardrobe, reflecting professionalism, good taste, and an expression of personal style. – We have thousands of cloths to choose from – Business Suits start at $875, for a 2 piece – Suit construction takes 6 weeks on average – Request an appointment online – Our expert tailors will guide you through every stage

The price will ultimately be determined by the choice of cloth and method of construction. We only offer full or half canvas suits, which means your suit will hold it’s shape to your body. Our Standard suit is half Canvas. The option to upgrade to a Full Canvas construction is priced at an additional $175 on suits and jackets.