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Terms & Conditions


This agreement is valid between the consumer with a minimum age of 18 years old and Capital Custom Clothiers LLC. For other agreements, please contact us before completing your purchase.

A minimum 50% deposit is required on orders and the remaining balance due at delivery. All Payments Are Processed At The Time of Purchase. We do not accept total payments on delivery. Accepted Major Credit Cards VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER, and AMEX.


Capital Custom Clothiers makes a concerted effort to deliver all orders within 6 to 8 weeks for new clients and 4 to 5 weeks for existing clients.


In the rare case, if your personal measurements or style requests do not match with your original submitted order, we will have the garment re-altered by our workshop at no charge to you. If the garment is deemed unalterable we will remake your garment at no charge to you. Capital Custom Clothiers LLC is responsible for the cost of return shipments under the condition that you return the garment in the same condition as it was originally delivered with the return form. All orders can be returned to us for alterations and corrections within 60 days of purchase free of charge.


We are confident that you will be delighted with the results of your alterations. We understand, however, that your alterations may not turn out as you expected them to. In that unlikely event, we invite you to review the following terms related to refunds, returns, and subsequent alterations to correct original alterations that have been made.

Because each item in for alterations is subjectively tailored/altered, we do not offer any refunds, exchanges or returns for any alterations. Refunds and cancelations are not permitted for any alteration order after 24 hours of placing an order and/or providing payment details to Capital Custom Clothiers. The reason for this policy is that once an order is placed, work on the garment commences shortly thereafter, and expensed are incurred by our business as part of the tailoring/alteration process.

When Capital Custom Clothiers and a customer commence a business relationship (at the time of the initial sale when payment information is provided to Capital Custom Clothiers) whereby Capital Custom Clothiers performs an alteration and/or a tailoring service in exchange for payment, the customer clearly understands that there is a risk associated with tailoring a garment, since tailoring a garment involves subjective work and there is no objective way to measure the quality and satisfaction related to an alteration, from beginning to end. The customer understands that Capital Custom Clothiers may alter and/or tailor a garment such that the customer could be unhappy with the final result for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: the resulting garment (following an alteration) is deemed unalterable, damaged or unfixable. In any of these aforementioned events, Capital Custom Clothiers will not provide a refund or exchange under any circumstance. In the event that a garment is deemed unalterable, defective, or damaged by a customer following Capital Custom Clothiers work on a garment, Capital Custom Clothiers will not provide a refund or exchange and will not replace the garment or compensate the customer for the replacement cost or resale value of the garment. However, in the event of an unfavorable situation, Capital Custom Clothiers will make a good faith effort to remedy any unfavorable situations and make things right.


We will guarantee our work at Capital Custom Clothiers, up until 30 days of the pick-up date (of your garments) indicated in our system. This means we will be only responsible for fixing any rips, holes, tears, and mistakes solely caused by work that was done on your garment by a member of our staff. Capital Custom Clothiers will not be responsible for wear and tear of the actual garment that does not relate to the specific alteration performed by Capital Custom Clothiers.

After 30 days, the client will be responsible for his or her respective garment(s) and will be held fully responsible for any purported issues. Capital Custom Clothiers reserves the right to make best faith efforts to remedy the situation after the 30-day period, provided that the client notifies us in writing that he/she would like us to take a look at the garment(s) to see if there is a potential solution.


By entering into a business relationship with Capital Custom Clothiers, you agree to our “Service Fee,” which will be applied to all transactions for tailoring and alterations as of 1/1/2019. This Service Fee applies a 6 percent service charge to the total bill for each client transaction. The Service Fee helps Capital Custom Clothiers employ industry-leading tailors along with equipment that ensures that our clients receive top-notch tailoring services. Please note that we are not required by the state of Maryland to charge sales tax and as such, we do not collect sales tax from our customers.


Upon receiving your tailored garments, it is your sole responsibility to inspect your garments and report any damages or defect to a member of our staff within 7 business days. You can also email info@capitalcustomclothiers.come with any issues.

We strive to provide the finest alteration and tailoring services available. We cannot be responsible for damages that are caused by personal wear and/or wear and tear that is caused by use or overuse. To be clear, our warranty does not cover damage caused by a personal accident, improper care (i.e., excessive dry cleaning or mishandling by your dry cleaner), negligence, normal wear, and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over an extended time and use. Please keep in mind that certain fabrics can be very delicate; garments need to be treated with the finest care. If you want some recommendations on best practices to enhance the longevity of your garments, please reach out to us. Dry-cleaning your garments regularly is not recommended. Most dry cleaners use harmful chemicals and agents that destroy or breakdown the fabric, thereby diminishing performance and durability.

Any holes that result from normal wear and tear will be deemed the responsibility of the clients. We are committed to helping you find a solution to repair your garment, but each instance will be handled on a case by case basis.

We understand that sometimes personal circumstances can interfere and delay the pick-up of your garments. We will keep all garments at our storage facility for a period of 1 year (from the date of your first fitting). After that point, we will donate your garments to a charity of our choice. Please reach out if you have any questions, we are always happy to help!