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The Groom's Place Services

Personalized and Unique Services That Caters to the Groom!

As the old saying goes, “A man never knows how unimportant he is until he goes to his own wedding”…Boy has the times changed!

At one point it was ALL about the bride. Today, many men are more interested in making the wedding a shared experience, a day for the bride and groom to celebrate—and be celebrated—together and the groom can make a significant contribution.

The groom’s day doesn’t start at the “altar” though or when the officiant arrives; it starts at the same time as the bridal preparations begin and we love to prepare the groom for his special day in the same vein. You are both getting married so why not ensure the groom is preparing along with his groomsmen in the same way as the bride and her bridesmaids?

It is typically unheard of that the groom would be celebrating his special day in the same luxurious fashion as the bride and her bridesmaids. More and more grooms are getting in on the action from start to finish. From enjoying a great English breakfast at a local pub, a hot lather shave to sipping champagne at our shop…it’s all right here on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis. We assist our grooms in creating a memorable experience in celebrating the transition from being a bachelor to a husband. The wonderful memories created with family and friends are a very special part of the dream wedding process that morning. It is the build-up to the biggest day of his life and documenting is critical so that the bride will be able to appreciate HIS experience after she says “ I Do”. Now, that is important! With fresh interpretations and meticulous attention to detail, we outfit your groom and groomsmen from head to toe, accessories, and the final touches, fitting your love and devotion. If the devil is in the details; the brilliance is in the Capital Custom touch!

                                                           CUSTOM CRAFTED EXPERIENCE FOR THE MEN


            MANAGED WEDDING PARTY                                                                                    GROOMSMEN GIFTS                                                                                MEASURING EXPERIENCE                            EQUALS CONTROLLED CHAOS                                                                         UNIQUE DAY OF SERVICE                                                                                             BON APPETI