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Shirt Care


Before washing your shirts we recommend that all buttons (including those on the cuffs and collars) are unfastened to reduce pulling on the buttons seams. We also recommend washing shirts inside out in order to protect the buttons from chipping on the washing machine's drum. Pre-treat any stains, particularly on the inside of the collar by carefully working a little detergent or stain remover into them. Lastly, remove any collar stiffeners.


Cotton shirts should be washed at 104 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (subject to the information on the care label) using a Delicate cycle unless it's a heavier fabric or is particularly dirty you may have to opt for the Normal cycle. Whites and light colors can be washed in hot water. Dark-colored shirts that you don’t want to fade should be washed with cold water. Take care not to include other laundry items with bold colors that may bleed into your shirts. For those with an Eco conscience, the lower the temperature the better! Avoid tumble drying as the steel drum of the drier can have an adverse effect on the cuffs and collar points over time. Instead, shirts should be line dried until slightly damp, ready for ironing.

Shirts are best ironed when still a little wet. If the shirt is completely dry, dampen it a little with a spray bottle. Afterward, place the shirt in a plastic bag for thirty minutes. This will allow for optimum moisture distribution and make ironing easier.


Ensure the shirt (including cuff buttons) is unbuttoned before ironing.

The easiest and quickest way to iron a shirt is to do so in the following order:

Start with the collar, followed by cuffs, sleeves, yokes, front panels, and finally, the back panel of the shirt.

Collar  When ironing start with the reverse side. Ensure it is moist on both sides and that any collar stays have been removed. Press until flat and dry before moving onto the front or top side. This is where attention to detail can make a real difference; the collar should be ironed from the endpoints to the center. This will reduce crumpling at the collar’s edge. Be careful not to over-iron the collar points to avoid splitting.

Cuffs  These should be pressed in a similar fashion to the collar making sure the cuff points and edges are not over-ironed.

Sleeves – Start at the sleeve head and press in the direction of the cuff.

Yoke – Take one half of the back yoke and press. Then iron the same half of the yoke on the reverse side. Repeat for the un-ironed halves.

Front and back panels  Iron the front first, before progressing to the rear.

Finally, fasten the top button and hang your shirt ready for wearing.

For tricky shirts such as pleats or stiff bibs, Capital can provide a laundering service. Please contact our staff for further details.



Alterations to shirts, such as the lengthening and shortening of sleeves and the inclusion of darts are carried out in-house. Please note that we carry out alterations on all shirts, not just our own Capital shirts. *Please note, once shirts are altered, no refunds or exchanges are permitted.


We offer a monogramming service. The majority of our customers opt for monograms to be embroidered onto the left cuff of the shirt, however, we leave this to your discretion, appreciating that some customers have a preference for adding them to the breast pocket or waist. Monogramming can be executed in a variety of colors and fonts. For more details and to order a monogram, please contact us online or feel free to pop into our shop.